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Monday, July 27, 2009


Sunday sume plan going smoothly..Cume tak dpt nak pegi melawat my MIL..huhu..nway..yesterday, send gha, die nak hangout with her friends..memule plan nak anto g komuter kajang je, at last kawan die kate kat komuter pegi je sane, then send them to Mines jek..senang..haha...Gha,gha...blaja elok2 ok..

Next activity, sign in to this one program which will publish later if any impact on me la..haha..excited nak tunggu result, tapi mkn mase a bit la..will monitor time to time.

haha..ngeng..semoge kami berjaya ngan urusan siap2..g plak kajang ngan dear..ade bisness cket buat kat sane.dlm kul 6, janji nak tgk rumah ngan agen..
Antara facilities included oleh agen adalah 3r3b,20x65sf,f/renovated,stainless-steel autogatewith alarm,2unit aircond,3unit w.heater,k.cabinetwith cookerhood,well kept,balcony,nice view,facility around:banks,nursery,foodcourts,primary&secondary schools,restaurant,clinics,10minute totown,easy access to kl-seremban-putrajaya highwayquite area,sale rm230k,neg.

Aku, dear, mummy, ayah n ajoi jenguk2 la dat house...from my point of view, the house da ok..mmg bebaloi sgt coz rumah mmg da fully renovated..tapi ayah mcm disagree..die kate better if i take a newly build home walaupon rumah, sebagai anak ayah yang baek n mendengar kate (cewah, padehal aku la paleng kuat melawan), aku pon tak jadi la amek dat house..t jadi anak derhake taw.haha..

Owh!!g satu..brg2 makeup yang aku baru beli tuh..semlm 1st time try, tapi lupe la amek gambar result muke aku..from my opinion, the concealer tu mungkin bukan yang the best aku penah try.sbb i've tried the better concealer before.tapi takpe.mahal punye pasal, abeskan lah dulu.paleng penteng cyber colours ni a way better than F**M*SI yang aku pakai before this.haha..Foundation die ok.sgt nipis.tak rase mcm pakai foundation pon taw.kalo nak beli, aku recommend jugak la cyber colors foundation.the loose powder sgt best.tapi glitter a bit la.nanti kalo aku make up gune cyber colors, aku mek gambar n post kat cneh.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

F**M*S* tak memenuhi kriteria

after that troz je shoot g alamanda, nak p beli brg2 makeup..before this i've tried lots of product..tapi mcm tak jumpe yang best memenuhi kriteria idamanku..diz time, i've spend 40 minutes dlm SASA alamanda..mintak advice SA n try pelbagai last....

I bought a concealer kit (redearth), foundation & loose powder (cyber colors-new brand), sponge to apply the foundation, last but not least, eyesahdow (black-sasa brand). The things yang i love the most adelah loose powder dan concealer.loose powder. the brush lekat together with takyah comot2.then the concealer, love it sbb die ade 5 types of colours..

Yang bestnye kan..SA tu bg na free make up base..maybelline punye wa punye RM29.90..kalo tgk pic concealer, kite can see ade 5 colours which used for different skin problem la..depends kat masalah kulit kite..

1) Creamy eye area
2) reduce redness-for jerawat yang baru2 tumbuh tuh
3) Hide very dark circles and spots
4) Cover imperfections
5) Brighten dull and dark spots

Hehe..that's it..enough la kot for the time being..any positive result on this new product, will publish later..if any la ok..nway..enjoy ur sunday..happy weekend..


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